Virtual Class Rooms

Take employee development to a new level with our virtual learning environment designed to reduce costs, engage employees, and deliver an immersive experience for wide-ranging training programs, including onboarding, leadership development and sales enablement.

Our Learning Environment is a private and secure portal for learning content, incorporating

Interactive user forums and other social features that promote content sharing and group collaboration. With integrated PowerPoint and learning elements you can create a complete virtual

class room and publish the classroom to your LMS or create a learning portal, completely branded with your colors and registration for each courses.

We understand that education, training and certification play a vital role in the success of your programs. With our new certification tool, we make it easy for companies to incorporate testing, scoring, and validation functionality within our platform. Whether you’re deploying a single stand-alone webcast or a 365 day-a-year virtual environment, we give you the tools you need to maximize user interaction, track and measure results, and provide actionable feedback.

With access to your own personalized reporting dashboard you can monitor and track the effectiveness of your programs in real-time. See who scored the highest grade, attended the most sessions, earned the most badges – all of the elements needed to become compliant.With an unsurpassed interactive experience and the capacity to reach mobile users, our software gives you the flexibility and options to personalize your own unique certification experience.




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