Health Services


Companies in the biotech and pharma sciences industry face constantly moving targets, in both their internal and external communications. For organizations of all sizes, virtual meetings and events are providing an essential, cost-effective way for firms to interact and exchange information with employees, clients, partners and stakeholders.

Our works with pharmaceutical, biotech, health services and medical-device companies to provide interactive, virtual meetings, collaboration and information exchange.

Academic Conferences

Employees need to stay abreast of changing regulations, clinical trials, FDA approval cycles, product marketing and scientific advancements. With staff members often dispersed over a wide geographic area, physically getting together for training and development meetings is often not practical or cost-efficient.

External Communications

Externally, organizations face the same issues, as they seek to communicate with customers and other stakeholders – for product launches, partner research collaboration, shareholder meetings and physician-education events.

Staff Development

Our events can be used to conduct teacher-training courses and certifications, as well as to present instructional content to colleagues or new hires. Ensure that your new instructors are using the methodologies and approaches favored by your institution.

Instructor Collaboration

Facilitate collaboration and information exchange among your faculty members via interactive Web conferencing and document sharing. Instructors can also use these tools to exchange ideas and forge relationships with like-minded instructors at other institutions.


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