Financial Services

Investor Relations (IR) has taken on an even greater role in public-company communications. Investors, shareholders and the financial analyst community expect engagement, transparency and active, two-way communication. Webcasts and other virtual meetings are effective, cost-efficient ways to keep all your shareholders and interested parties informed, engaged and up to date.

Markets can be very volatile; and to protect your company’s reputation and ensure fair equity-market valuation, your IR team needs to have effective and reliable connections with key influencers. Keeping them updated on your company’s financial strategy and broader, strategic direction requires powerful, cost-effective communication vehicles that can transmit information on a global scale.

Whether you are exchanging ideas via a conference call, collaborating with colleagues across the country or delivering a video broadcast to thousands of viewers, Our Media provides the reliability, scale and features that allow you to communicate efficiently and affordably.


Continuing Medical Education (CME) and training on new products and government updates.

Product demos and launches to physicians, sales teams and the media – with lead tracking.

Staff updates on regulatory, international and Medicare issues.

Internal meetings for R&D, HR and executive management.


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